Jun 1, 2023

Feelback Release v0.2


This v0.2 release introduces form-like feelbacks which enable you to collect messages-based feedbacks.

The API endpoints remains the same, with no breaking changes. If use the API directly with the @feelback/api-client package, you can updated it to the last version to include refreshed types.

New Feelback types

This release introduces two new feelback types

Message Feelback

With the new Message feelback, you can receive simple messages from your users.

Send feedback example

The Message is a simple text value. Each Message is tied to the Target Content specified, so you can receive messages for pages, section or even about the website itself.

Checkout all configuration options and all features supported at Message feelback documentation page.

TaggedMessage Feelback

With the new TaggedMessage feedback, you can receive a categorized text, that is, you can group user messages by a category. You can associated a sentiment value to each category to get an overview on how your users evaluate your content.

Feelback SDKs provide prebuild components and presets to quickly integrate the TaggedMessage in your website UI.

Categorized feedback exampleCategorized feedback example 2

All configuration options and all features supported by the TaggedMessage feelback are available at the dedicated documentation page.

SDKs updates

This release brings also updates to the client integrations:


Feelback SKDs are open source and developed publicly on GitHub. Any contribution is much appreciated. Issues, bug reports and feature requests are welcome. Do not hesitate to reach us or ask for help.