Jul 13, 2023

Feelback Release v0.3


This v0.3 release brings overall refinements, small tweaks and new UI configurations for the builtin components.

The API endpoints remains the same, with no breaking changes. If use the API directly with the @feelback/api-client package, you can updated it to the last version to include refreshed types.

TaggedMessage improvements

New preset

A new evaluation preset is available. It defines four values β€” love, happy, sad, hate β€” usually mapped to face emojis:

Feedback choice example

New layouts

This release introduces three new layout for the TaggedMessage.

New Email field

Now it’s possible to include an email filed into the form.

// one
<FeelbackTaggedMessage contentSetId="$content-set-id-from-panel"

The email field will be placed after the text message. The email can be optional or required.

Feedback GitHub example

The email will be sent as Feelback metadata, identifying the user.

New builtin styles

You can now customize the appearance with some builtin styles. You use the style prop of the component:

// one
<FeelbackTaggedMessage contentSetId="$content-set-id-from-panel"
    title="Was this page useful?"
    placeholder="(optional) Type your feedback"

// or multiple
<FeelbackTaggedMessage contentSetId="$content-set-id-from-panel"
    style={["bordered", "width-sm"]}
    title="Was this page useful?"
    placeholder="(optional) Type your feedback"

Available styles:

borderedadd a thin rounded border with some padding around the form
align-centeralign the content to the center
width-smset the max-width to 320px
width-mdset the max-width to 440px

For total control, you can still use custom CSS to override any style.


New Astro Starlight integration

You can collect feedback in your documentation pages built with Astro Starlight.

You can see the complete setup in the samples/astro-starlight directory.

Read the complete integration guide.


All samples (astro-docs, docusaurus, nextra) are updated with new showcase:

SDKs updates

This release brings also updates to the client integrations:


Feelback SKDs are open source and developed publicly on GitHub. Any contribution is much appreciated. Issues, bug reports and feature requests are welcome. Do not hesitate to reach us or ask for help.