Features in development, planned or in research status

v0.3: New layouts and configurations

This v0.3 release brings overall refinements, small tweaks and new UI configurations for the builtin components.

Vercel feedback layoutGitHub feedback layout


New Astro Starlight integration

You can collect feedback in your documentation pages built with Astro Starlight.

You can see the complete setup in the samples/astro-starlight directory.

Read the complete integration guide.

SDKs update

v0.2: Form-Like Feelbacks

This release introduces FeelbackMessage and FeelbackTaggedMessage to receive message-like feelbacks such as advices, error reporting and similar.

Send feedback exampleSend feedback example

The Feelback SDKs provide builtin components for form-like feelbacks which support 3 layouts:

Check the documentation for full details.


SDKs update


v0.1: First (Early Preview) Release

This is the first release of the Feelback service. This release includes:

Feelback types

SDKs and libraries

Client packages (javascript/typescript) are available on npm:


The home site with documentation is live at