What is Feelback?

Feelback allows you to collect any kind of feedback on your websites or apps. You can receive several type of signals, for example:

You can quickly integrate Feelback with any technology your website is built. From static site generators to SPA frameworks like React or Vue, from site builder like Wordpress to plain HTML/Javascript.

In addition, Feelback SDKs provide many pre-configured components and presets ready to be included in your pages with no effort.

You can read the following articles for some use case:

Getting started

Quick steps to start using Feelback on your website:

  1. Create a Feelback Account

  2. Setup a Project

    Be sure to checkout the project structure examples for guidance on how to model your project to fit your use case.

  3. Follow the integration guide of choice

Learning material

You want to checkout some learning material before digging into advanced topics.