Integration with Astro website

Collect Feedback on your Astro website

Prebuilt Components to receive user feedback about your content

Like Buttons

- for blog posts -

- for technical articles -

Upvotes and Scores

- for documentation pages -

- for support pages -

Emoji Reactions

- for announcements -

- for new features -


- for documentation pages -

- for support pages -

Feedback Messages

- for advices and tips -

- for error reporting -

Star Ratings

- for product reviews -

- for recommendations -

Developer friendly integration

Just few lines of code and your Astro website is ready

import FeelbackLikeButton from "astro-feelback/components/FeelbackLikeButton.astro";

interface Props = {
    title: string
<div class="post-title">
    <h1>{ Astro.props.title }</h1>
    <FeelbackLikeButton contentId="your-target-content-key"
        showCount // <-- displays the like count


Advanced scenarios suited for any use case

Any Signal, Any Data Format

From simple pulse count to up/down-votes, from rating number to complex reactions, Feelback support many feedback types

Learn more about all feelback types

Sentiment analysis

Measure how much user evaluate your content and track its change over time

Learn how to configure sentiment analysis

Edit, Revoke, Expire

A user can change a feelback or cancel it if sent by mistake. Full control via configuration on timeout and expiration.

See how to enable edit/revoke

Profiling and Context

In addition to useragent info extraction (browser, os, device, ...), you can attach a userId or any additional metadata

See how to enrich feelback context

Prebuilt UI and Widgets

Feelback SDKs provide many components with sensible defaults just ready to use with no effort

Checkout components and integrations

Bring your own UI

Have full control on your user experience, every feature is exposed by the Feelback API

Checkout the API documentation

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